Middle English Manuscripts

Chetham’s Library has contributed nine Middle English manuscripts that have been digitised as part of the Rylands Medieval Collection. Click on the links below to go to the high resolution images:

MS 6680 (A.4.99) Astrologica, etc (late C14th)
MS 6709 (A.4.104) Lydgate, Life of Our Lady (late C15th)
MS 6711 (A.4.107) Mandeville’s travels (early C15th)
MS 6723 (A.2.160) Wycliffite New Testament (early C15th)
MS 8009 (A.6.31) Ipomadon, etc. (mid C15th)
MS 11379 (A.6.90) Polychronicon in Trevisa’s ME trans. (turn of C14th/15th)
MS 27911 (A.2.166) Life of Christ (early C15th)
MS 27938 (A.3.127) Medical recipes (turn of C15th/16th)
MS 6690 (A.7.1) Mirror of the Life of Christ
E.6.10(4) Armburgh Papers (mid C15th)

The Library’s medieval MSS are also catalogued in N.R. Ker, Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, (Oxford : OUP, 1969-1992), vol. iii., and they, along with hundreds of later manuscript books, are also catalogued in our own online catalogues.