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  1. The Kingdom and People of Siam

    On the desk today is a lovely three volume set of The Kingdom and People of Siam (1857), with a foreword by King Mongkut. These books were composed by Sir John Bowring,...

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  2. Instruction With Delight

    As well as a vast collection of rare and academic works the library is home to a small collection of children’s stories and fairytales. In a change of pace for...

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  3. Eleazar Albin

    Recently we had an enquiry about a book that used to be part of our collection; A Natural History of Birds (1731–38) by Eleazar Albin. The work features over 300...

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  4. Reading in the Library: Swati Joshi

    We thought we would share with you the experience of one of our researchers Swati Joshi who visited the library as both a reader and tourist, Swati is a PhD...

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  5. Robert Bolton

    Today (25 May) is the anniversary of the birth of Robert Bolton, a man of whom we are often reminded by the presence in Chetham’s Audit Room of a small...

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  6. Lasers and Tudor Woodwork

    In honour of Dr. Peter Linfield’s upcoming walking tour of Tudor Manchester and the Earls of Derby, we thought we would promote some of his recent field research. Join Peter this...

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  7. Nicholas Culpeper

    As our most recent theme for our display and guided tours is based on herbs and remedies, we thought we would focus this blog on the same topic. One of...

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  8. The Dilapidated College, Manchester

    One of Humphrey Chetham’s first considerations when making the bequest of a library and school for poor boys upon his death was to find a suitable building in which to...

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