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  1. General Wolfe’s Sword

    As we are preparing to change the objects we have on display, we thought it would be a nice idea to share some of these items from our collection. In...

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  2. Sebastian Münster’s Cosmographia

    We thought we would share one of the treasures requested by our readers this week, the Cosmographia by Sebastian Münster. The Cosmographia, first published in 1544, was the earliest German-language...

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  3. Manor Court Rolls from the West Riding

    We are delighted to announce that the Library has acquired copies of a valuable contribution to local scholarship by Peter Hurst. Peter’s work edits and translates material from Latin to...

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  4. John Bradford

    Last week we commemorated the death of Protestant martyr John Bradford on 1 July 1555, we thought this would be an excellent opportunity to go into more detail about this...

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  5. Virtual Content From Festival of Libraries

    In our previous blog post, we mentioned our contribution to the Manchester City of Literature’s Festival of Libraries, a brand-new celebration of Greater Manchester’s 133 libraries. The festival was supported...

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  6. Festival of Libraries

    This June, Chetham’s Library will be taking part in the Festival of Libraries. This is the Manchester City of Literature’s first Festival of Libraries, a brand-new celebration of Greater Manchester’s...

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  7. Book Clean

    As heritage organisations are opening their doors once again, we are preparing ourselves to welcome back visitors and readers. It will not come as a surprise that our staff have...

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  8. Environmental Control

    Environmental conditions play an important role in the life span of collections, if ignored the problems they cause can build up over time and cause a lot of damage to...

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  9. A Bread and Cheese Bookseller

    A new work by our late Librarian, Michael Powell and his friend and colleague Terry Wyke While we as Library staff are always pleased to welcome a new volume from...

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  10. Pesky Pests

    Today’s blog continues our conservation series, this time focusing on the damage to collections by pests. The majority of library and paper-based collections will have objects affected by insects and...

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