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Archive: 2017

  1. Anatomy as art

    During their residency of exploration and study, Brass Art spent time looking at the Library’s collection of works on human anatomy, chiefly William Cowper’s The anatomy of humane bodies (Oxford: 1698)....

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  2. The Gestures of Hogarth

    Among the works in the collection that inspired and influenced Brass Art’s commission ‘Gestured’ were some of the engravings and etchings of William Hogarth (1697-1764). The Library’s Hogarth collection consists...

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  3. You must locate a fantasy

    Announcing a new residency in partnership with Book Works For this open call we are inviting artists to propose a project that engages creatively and critically with Chetham’s Library, and...

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  4. Reform and repression – the Hay Scrapbooks

    Almost 200 years after the Peterloo Massacre, we can read contemporary press reports of this horrific event in Chetham’s Library’s Hay scrapbooks, which have just returned from a much needed...

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  5. Manga among the manuscripts

    Another guest post from our most excellent volunteer and great friend of the Library, Patti Collins. One of the delights of the library is that the most unlikely items often...

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  6. The Revolution will not be Televised

    And indeed it wasn’t – not the French one, at least. It was engraved, however, a more genteel if slower way to record change, here presented as a Bastille day...

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  7. Volunteers wanted for our summer exhibition!

    ‘Biological Hermeneutics’ July 29 – August 26 2017 Chethams’s Library is looking for volunteers to help invigilate our summer art exhibition. ‘Biological Hermeneutics’, by transdisciplinary artist Sarah Craske, is based...

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