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Archive: 2020

  1. A Tale of Two Statues

    In our Library newsletters recently we’ve been taking a look at items from the series of 101 Treasures in our collections, and today’s blog post, taking the minute book of...

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  2. Blindingly good news

    Some of you will remember the recent blog post covering conservation and how we care for the books and library space. In this post we will be discussing our recent...

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  3. Caring for our Books

    Conservation practices at Chetham’s Library It is no secret that Chetham’s library has a significantly important scholarly collection. There are over 120,000 printed items, over half of these were published...

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  4. A Small World?

    In mid-March 2020 we were planning to exhibit some of Chetham’s Library’s early atlases, to provide an insight into how knowledge of the world was expanding in the late 16th...

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  5. Lady Day indoors

    Wednesday, 25 March is and was the date traditionally know as ‘Lady Day’, the Feast of the Annunciation, marking the visit of the angel to the Virgin (hence ‘Lady’) narrated...

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