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Chetham’s Chamber Choir

  • The Stoller Hall
  • £6.50 - £5.50


Middle School Choir:
N. Adams
T. Afiesimama
C. Alampo
S. Banks
G. Betton
O. Brason Wiliam
E. Brown
O. Bryan
T. Chambers
R. Chin
E. Croke
M. Dalgleish-King
O. Fairclough
M. Francis
C. Gyimah
J. Jordan
M. Lloyd
P. Luengo
P. Mallinson
L. Marsh
B. Matson
G. McQuillan
O. Pitman
H. Priestley
B. Richards
N. Richardson
M. Robinson
M. Sanderson
L. Siemens
D. Simbanegavi
M. Stewardson
E. Tan
S. Timbers
O. Vout
T. Williamson
A. Wilmarsh
L. York

Sixth Form Female Choir:
E. Blewitt
L. Crabtree
A. Creed
E. Jones
A. King
K. Laing
M. Lennox
B. Leong-Smith
V. MacLeod
L. Malan
L. Miles
P. Orell
A. Ozyonum
E. Palmer
M. Powell
R. Roberts
A. Tanfield
S. Vollum
A. Williams

Sixth Form Choir:
G. Balfour
E. Clynes
E. Codman
D. Downs
J. Fradley
E. Gaskell
P. Heywood
M. La Mana
E. Mackay
D. Mazur
E. Miao
B. Morrison
T. Mottram
K. Ren
S. Rothwell
S. Sterry
P. Thomson
R. Vasey-Saunders
L. Viljoen
F. Wilson-Toy
H. Wines


Dominus Vobiscum - Jacob Narverud
Middle School Choir

Ave Maria - Cesár Alejandro Carrillo
Evening Song - Zoltan Kodaly
I denna Ljuva Sommartid - Kim André Arnesen
Summertime - Gershwin arr. Mark Hayes
Sixth Form Female Choir

Northern lights - ola Gjeilo
Middle School Choir

Tu es Petrus - Palestrina
Fear no more the heat of the sun - Franco Prinsloo
Summer is gone - Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
The Lee shore - Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
Sixth Form Choir

Sing my child - Sarah quartel
The long day closes - Arthur Sullivan
Middle School Choir

Discover one of the UK’s most talented youth chamber choirs, singing live in The Stoller Hall at Chetham’s.

Directed by acclaimed baritone – and Chetham’s Head of Vocal and Choral Studies – Marcus Farnsworth.

This event is part of Chetham’s autumn-winter concert season, as audiences are invited back to Chetham’s for the first full events season in 18 months.

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