Archives and manuscripts

Search for records of our archives, manuscripts, photos and prints

With the support of our friends at the Booth Charities, we have been working with Axiell to insitute our new archives and manuscripts catalogue on IMu. We’ll be having a formal launch a little later in the year, but for now we’d be delighted if you could use it to search for your wants, and to let us know how the service works for you. For the time being (and for tedious but sufficient reasons), our catalogue of books and printed items is still the best place to go for records of manuscript books.

You’ll find records for all our major archival collections, usually down to item level; 1000s of records with images for our Belle Vue collection (also still available on a  different system here for now); and in the next year we’ll be adding hundreds, and then thousands, of new records for material concerning Salford’s people and the life of the city past and present.

Black-and-white postcard of garden with family, late nineteenth century

One image from the Mullineux Collection of Salford items