Eccles Cakes

As Friday is often Cake Day here at the Library we thought we would share these Eccles Cake photos, which are part of the collection of photographs of old Manchester taken by Frank Mullineux.

The shop above is believed to be the oldest Eccles Cake shop, a claim no doubt vociferously opposed by Bradburn’s, who owned the shop shown below:

Given our enthusiasm for cake, we consider ourselves fortunate to hold the archive of Bradburn’s, which was kindly donated to the Library by Kathy Percival, whose ancestors ran the business between c. 1870-1900. The archive consists of diaries, photographs, cash books and papers from the period, as well as some later material.

See more of the images from the Mullineux collection on our Flickr page here.


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  1. Kathy Percival

    Ah, but the Olde Thatche never baked their own cakes- they were supplied wholesale by Bradburns. They simply had the more picturesque shop and were more centrally placed in the Market Square!

    • ferguswilde

      Is that called having your Eccles cake and eating it? Sneaky Olde Thatche! Thanks for the inside track, Kathy!