Fattò comes to the Library

Deliveries are are a routine occurrence at Chetham’s, but there was something decidedly unusual about the small lumpy package that arrived in today’s mail. Even before we opened it, the scrawled address (our name in brackets! ‘Reino Unido’!), the illegible foreign postmark and insistent ‘Fragil’ on front and back caught our curiosity, so we crowded together into the office to watch Sue cut open the packaging. 
From the moment the small stone painted with Fattò the dog tumbled onto our hands we were captivated. The stone passed from hand to hand. The decorated pink postcard: ‘I can print with your IMAGE… but the emptyness never be filled’ was read and examined. The DVD unfolding footage of a trip to South America (Rita Offidani Fattò  –  Suvenir Sud America) played. 

We don’t know Rita Offidani Ricci, and we are filled with as many questions as answers about her work, but her ‘Souvenir’ sent a tremor of joy through this damp and chilly Wednesday morning. We will catalogue it this afternoon, so that in years to come, readers will find in a white archival envelope a small souvenir of a day that Art paid a visit to the Library.


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