Unreal Tour / Real Spaces

Tonight, iOrganic’s six-week residency comes to an end with the ‘The Unreal Tour’. The interactive, site-specific performance is a mixture of the building’s actual history, crowd-sourced stories, and brand new bespoke lies.

The tour is now sold out, which is unsurprising as iOrganic have proven to be exceptionally popular with Library guests and staff alike, and we are sorry to see them go.

After they leave us, and their invented lies and crowd-sourced half truths intertwine with the Library’s actual history, we will of course still be open to the public as a Library and heritage attraction.

However, there are certain spaces in this 600-year old building which are almost never seen by members of the public.

Taken around the beginning of the twentieth century, these images show the ‘Upper Fratery.’ Where is this place? What is it used for now? Why is it off limits to most people? Who is the old man pictured? Have they managed to cram any more pictures on to the wall? Using iOrganic’s unique take on our history as inspiration, we’ll leave you to come up with some answers for yourselves…


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