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We were delighted to welcome Susan Smith of Marple to the Library today, who brought in this beautiful Boutflower Watch. The watch was awarded to her father, Frank Bradley, who was a pupil at Chetham’s from 1931-1938.

We know very little about the origin of the prize or its founder. Dr Boutflower was a physician who served as a Feoffee at Chetham’s and died around 1931. Presumably other watches were presented and, perhaps, survive? We know of no others but perhaps someone reading this will be able to enlighten us. Do get in contact if you are able to fill in any of the gaps!


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  1. Anne Bryant

    Just came across this post. My son won a Boutflower watch in 2001 – I believe it was voted for by staff and pupils. Don’t they still award it?

  2. Teresa Cowell

    My father was presented with this watch i think it would be around 1920. Unfortunately the engraved watch was stolen from his office
    I should think in the late 50’s or 60’s which upset the whole family. He was also Head Boy I believe when he was at Chethams

    • ferguswilde

      Thank you, Teresa. I’m very sorry to hear that the watch should have been stolen, a very mean thing to do. That your father was chosen by his fellow pupils for the award in the first place, however, was a real accolade and I hope he enjoyed his time as Head Boy. The School of Music still elects a Head Boy by asking the student body to vote, but now there’s a Head Girl too – the school became co-educational in 1969.