Health beckons from every pie

Being, as it is, very much the home of the pie, Chetham’s Library seems the perfect resting place for this delightful little pamphlet from the 1920s advertising the benefits and delights of Wilks Pies from Bolton.

A recent acquisition, the sixteen delicately illustrated pages make a strong case for pie-eating at virtually every meal of the day, due to their fine flavour, purity and health-giving qualities.

A light supper after the theatre? Wilks Pies provide the perfect solution:

Or perhaps guests have popped round unexpectedly? No problem if your larder is well stocked with pies:

Eating between meals is sometimes frowned upon nowadays, but when the nutritious snack in question is a Wilks Pie, surely an exception can be made?

But perhaps our favourite are these ‘one dish’ pies. The only question being, of course, whether to go to all the bother of adding a salad…


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