1. information as material

      It’s always a thrill to add a collection to the Library, whether this is an archive or a set of printed works. Individual items have their place but we...

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  2. The Ancoats Brotherhood

     You will do the greatest service to the state ‘If you shall raise, not the roofs of the houses, but the souls of the citizens; for it is better that...

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  3. A History of Manchester Fiction

    We are thrilled to have acquired a collection of North West fiction that was put together by the scholar and bibliophile Eddie Cass. Cass collected books on many subjects –...

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  4. Dame of Dialect

    ‘I have laboured in the field of Lancashire literature for over half my life-time, and have tried to bring forth the pure gold hidden beneath the surface of the people’s...

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  5. Seventeenth Century Crowdfunding with Knyff and Kip

    ‘Knyff and Kip’ sound like a nineteenth-century vaudeville act, but were actually artists and engravers from the Netherlands, born in the mid-seventeenth century. Leendert Knyff and Johannes Kip were responsible...

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  6. The Bees

    Apiarists are keeping bees on city roofs and the bee is a recognisable Manchester icon that symbolises the industry and vibrancy of our city. We find bee images across the...

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