1. Letter from Waterloo

    Guest blog by Library volunteer, Paul Carpenter Transcript of letter by Visitor Services Officer, Carlotta Dewald On 21 June 1815, three days after the Battle of Waterloo, Private James Wilson...

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  2. John Browne’s Mycrographia Nova

    Mycrographia Nova: or, a graphical description of all the muscles in the humane body, as they arise in dissection (1697) is a glorious work of medical illustration. The work consists...

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  3. Amusement Microscopique

    One of the most interesting and attractive of the Library’s collection of illustrated books is a three-volume work entitled Amusement Microscopique by Martin Frobenius Ledermüller (1719-1769). The book appeared between 1764 and 1768, a...

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  4. Digiti-Lingua

    or the most compendious, copious, facile and secret way of silent converse ever yet discovered Published in London in 1698, Digiti-Lingua is a milestone in the history of sign language....

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  5. information as material

      It’s always a thrill to add a collection to the Library, whether this is an archive or a set of printed works. Individual items have their place but we...

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  6. The Ancoats Brotherhood

     You will do the greatest service to the state ‘If you shall raise, not the roofs of the houses, but the souls of the citizens; for it is better that...

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